You can take the boy out of the city…kicking and SCREAMING!!

(Originally posted July 18, 2012)

Well, time moves on…many moons have passed since I have last posted on my blog…and OH the twists life has taken!!  Dan and I have sold our condo in Dallas and moved east!  Alas, the waters on the beaches of Nantucket Island are not lapping at our toes, nor are we gazing longingly at the Smoky Mountains.  No playful flicking of our toes in cool, gurgling mountain streams.  We’re still hundreds of miles from the banks of the Mississippi River, for pete’s sake!  Regardless, we HAVE moved EAST…about one hour east of Dallas…on Highway 80, just a hop, skip and a spit north of Canton, Texas…in the nice little hamlet of Edgewood!

We packed up and bubble wrapped the china and the crystal, the Robert Graham shirts, the silver tea service, our precious little Katie Belle, and away we went to TRULY live on the EDGE!

Towering skylines?  WAY overdone…who needs it?!  22nd floor view?  So tiresome…we now have birds dining outside our breakfast room window…that is, if the cat doesn’t catch them.  Restaurants by the dozen?  Puh-shaw!!  We now have pick-up trucks on the side of the road selling tomatoes the size of your head!  Nordstrom’s Shoe department, Northpark venue?  Okay, well I AM in withdrawal over that one, but I digress…  As the skyscrapers of downtown Dallas faded in the rear-view mirror, a perky little tune kept hitting the repeat button in my head…

Green Acres theme song

Channeling my inner Lisa Douglas for homespun therapy in the wake of urban withdrawal, unveiling the next chapter in life was sure to bring a sense of connectedness to my small town Alabama roots: waving at strangers on the way to the Piggly Wiggly and nodding my head with a “Mornin’ Ma’am!” at checkout, a deep desire to prepare homemade jams, jellies and pickled beets ‘put up’ in our very own kitchen, possibly even an urge to piece together a quilt out of neckties and last seasons Jhane Barnes and Robert Graham city slicker shirts…the big decision being whether the quilt should be patterned of Dutch Dolls, or the more ambitious Cathedral Window…

Uh-huh…don’t count on cutting up the Robert Graham’s…NOT happening!

(For those out of the loop…please meet Robert Graham’s most fabulous shirts…none that I possess shall ever be chopped up for ANY Dutch Girl I know!!)

So, we’ve moved to the “country.”  Yes, the “country” has it’s charms, it’s quaint slow-paced lifestyle, and the obligatory train whistle blowing in the distance.  As much as I love, dare I say cravelife in an urban setting, there is no other place I could be right now than here in Edgewood, Texas.  You see, Dan’s mother will celebrate her 93rd birthday later this year, and in the months preceding it had become increasingly evident that she was needing someone with her on a daily basis.  Dan being an only child, and I, being the twenty year partner of an only child, would be her Daily Basis.  Some things you just do, no questions asked.  It was never a question of ‘whether’ we should, could or would move in to help care for Dan’s Mother, but a question of ‘when.’  That ‘when’ was this past June 20th…

And so, the merging of our home and lives in with that of a precious 92 year old lady has begun.  Much smiling and biting of the tongue, along with  strengthening the virtues of restraint and flexibility have been well, let’s just say ‘Serendipity’ of this journey.  Four weeks today the moving van pulled up to the front of Mrs. Blackburn’s 1950’s Ranch styled home.  As the burly moving men began to wheel in the many boxes of crystal and china, and more boxes than I care to count marked “Master Closet” and “Barry’s Shoes”, one of the moving men whispered to me, “This is a far cry from La Tour!”  La Tour was the building they moved all these boxes down 22 floors earlier in the day and now being squeezed into a seemingly too small house in seemingly too small Edgewood truly was quite a world apart…but this new space–our new home, inside and around Dan’s Mother’s older home is where we need to be–where we want to be.  Blog entries forthcoming of these past few weeks…and LORD HAVE MERCY, are there stories to share!

Yes, dahling, I adored my penthouse view (almost…just one floor away!) and even as I say ‘Goodbye, city life!”, there is no where on planet Earth that I had rather be than here with Dan…and his Mother…biting my tongue and waving to the strangers on the way to the Piggly Wiggly.

One thought on “You can take the boy out of the city…kicking and SCREAMING!!

  1. From Jo, July 18, 2012 at 4:06 PM:

    Barry…that is oh so sweet! Not only will Dan’s mother enjoy the company of her son and his partner in her last days….Dan will forever remember what an unselfish thing you did…so that he could take care of his mother!!! And spending time with her is oh so precious to him right now! Barry…I know that you still have both of your parents….and that is such a blessing……what you are doing for Dan now…you cannot even imagine because you have not lost a parent. Giving him the opportunity to be with is mother…and care for her and comfort her…all with the support of his love….is the greatest gift!!!!!! So when he no longer has her to share days with…he will remember the one’s that he did get…because YOU were so supportive!!!! What an awesome testimony of love!!!!!


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