The lost Georgia Peach– R.I.P.

(Originally posted December 30, 2010)

How can it be that it has been over a month since I have last posted to Facing Alabama?!?  Well, I can shed a bit of light on this nail biter for you….and for Renee Quick.  (Bless Renee’s sweet heart, she has to be one of the biggest fans of Facing Alabama, and has been about to pop an artery while patiently waiting for a new post! Thanks, Renee…your patience…and angst has not gone unnoticed!)  
Seeing the date of my last post, November 20, reminds me of the jumping off point for my holiday decorating season.  For beginning November 21 and continuing as I wearily type, I have been “Slinging Christmas,” non-stop ever since.  Not just for myself mind you, but for several friends, clients, and for the folks I have been working for as Personal Assistant.  First, getting all the trees, mantles, tabletops, wreaths and garlands decked, flocked, trimmed and fluffed. Then it was gift wrapping–double-stick tape, invisible seams, bows that needed individual zip codes.  Even now, my bow tying fingers are still partially numb from gripping and twisting enough ribbon to reach from here to Neptune. Now, sadly, it’s take-down time.  Two trees down, mine of course still standing proudly as if in eager anticipation of Santa’s arrival.  I dare say it will most definitely see the light of February!  As my Mother wrote in my Baby Book when I was only two years old… “Even three weeks after Christmas, Barry could not bear to take down the Christmas tree…”  Some things never change!  
So the new year is upon us, and I am on a mad dash!  A dear friend from my Grad school days in Tuscaloosa arrives on Friday, and it looks like a bunch of Gypsies live here.  Thank GOD Stephanie wants to see the Christmas tree in all its glory!  Of course, I couldn’t DREAM of having JUST the tree up without all the accompanying accoutrements, could I?!?!  Well of course not!!  So if you missed Christmas at your place, come on by!  Christmas is at full tilt in our house!  YAY!!  However, amidst the holiday splendor are all these troublesome stacks of this and piles of that which have been longing for a spot to feel at home for some time now.  Things too good to toss, but finding themselves in a high-rise condominium where storage is at a premium.  With Stephanie arriving on Friday, the time has come for eyes to shut tight and trash bags to open wide.  Lord, I look at the clock and it is already December 30, which means Stephanie arrives TOMORROW!!!!!!!!  All of a sudden, I am needing to find something to blot the beads of sweat that have appeared on my furrowed brow (Botox wasn’t in the budget this year…) I must away and begin the harried quest to unearth our Guest Bedroom!  
The following is a post I made to Facebook last year and is quite appropriate to post to Facing Alabama now.  I hope you enjoy!  I have several topics waiting in the wings that I am hoping to post in the next few days, so be on the lookout.  
A special note to the lost Georgia Peach:
Georgia Peach, your absence was duly noted when this years tree was decorated.  You are missed, especially among the array of Scarlett O’Hara ornaments.  Rhett says that frankly, he doesn’t give a damn if you are hanging on the branch next to him or not, so I put him on the back side of the tree!  That’ll show him!!
From my Facebook, February 12, 2010: 
It’s only ‘stuff.’  That’s what I just told Dan as he dashed into the living room after a small crash of glass and me blurting an exasperated expletive (I could say it was under my breath, but it wasn’t). As I begin packing up ornaments from the tree, (yes, I’ve REALLY started) without warning the hand-painted Georgia Peach ornament, from a New Year’s trip to Atlanta in 1990 with Rick Greenway, slipped from its ribbon onto the travertine floor. Why does it seem that when I’m already feeling melancholy, the Georgia Peach has to go and give up the ghost?  It was comforting to have someone like Dan who knows that  Barry + undecorating the tree + glass breakage = Run to living room ASAP!  True, as special as the Georgia Peach was, it did not require sedation as would be the case if the crash accompanied a few other ornaments.  
For some reason taking down the Christmas tree is a profoundly sad process…always has been for me.  Maybe that’s why it is now pushing February 13, and I had rather do most anything to avoid seeing it packed away.  I realize in the big picture of things going on in the world today, having the Georgia Peach bite the dust, is less than miniscule and inconsequential.  I guess its just that each and every one of the hundreds of ornaments that is packed on our tree every year carries its own story, and I don’t want to lose any of those stories. Even the Georgia Peach. 
But we look for the silver lining, which truly is the best gift of all- more than the memory of a New Year’s Eve trip to Hot-lanta almost twenty years ago, more than the sentimentality of a treasured piece of ‘stuff’, more than anything else- is having someone, who instantly puts together the pieces, if not literally, and is there to make sure that nothing else falls apart!  Thankfully, that is not something that will be swept up and thrown away. So, goodbye my fragile Georgia Peach.  Thank you, God, for my strong Texas Oak.

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