Hey Autumn!!! We are on our way!!

(Originally posted October 6, 2010)

Hello to my Blog reader friends!!

All my life, I have wanted to experience New England in the Autumn. Feel the cool air, visit an apple orchard and taste the pressed cider, pick out a New England pumpkin (it’ll have to be a small one!!), smell the earthy smell of freshly fallen leaves, smell the wood smoke wafting through the air, sitting by the fire in an old Country Inn, attend small New England village festivals, sample apple pie from apples fresh from the trees, stare up at the sun while standing underneath a Sugar Maple tree in full, blazing color. My eyes are tearing up just writing this.

It’s not often that you get to do something you have been waiting, wanting, hoping to do all your life. Lord willing, I am having this lifetime wish come true. Having someone who wants to fulfill a lifetime’s wish is a gift in itself like no other. How unworthy I feel receiving this gift, but how unbelievably grateful I am…how unbelievably lucky…how unbelievably happy.

It will be so much fun to share with all my friends these next seven days…a long day traveling tomorrow, so I have got to finish some work so I can get to bed!!!

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