Decisions, decisions…what should I write about next??

(Originally posted May 23, 2011)

Heaven’s to Betsy!  I guess I’m just going to have to start making a list. Now that I have several folks, many of them friends who are following my blog, I’m getting requests!  With the diversity of craziness that makes up my life, at times it becomes difficult to choose which tale to share next.  With countless Granny stories yet to be posted and other family laundry to be aired (Though none too sordid about MY family. That would be tacky. Other families, well, that’s entirely different.  Bless their hearts…)   Serving as wedding coordinator at Oak Lawn United Methodist Church for the past several years has provided it’s own laundry list of shockers from a missing Mother of the Bride, inebriated groomsmen, homeless vagrants wandering into the bridesmaid line up, and recounts of what I have said come from the pages of “I can’t make this stuff up!” The list of topics is getting longer…

There are innumerable anecdotes laced with morsels of wisdom gleaned from 16 years hanging out with 5 year olds, and observations of life that I feel are worthy of sharing with the world.  Blog stats tell me folks from Texas to China to Australia as well as Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica are finding their way to Facing Alabama.  Bless their hearts…I hope I can make the journey worth their while.  

Check back later tonight…I’ll see if I can’t post a tale that will tickle your funny bone.  Whether it will tickle the funny bones from Dallas to Shanghai to Sydney, well, the readers will have to let me know…

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