Be careful what you pray for…

GIVE ME AN ‘R’ !!!!    R
GIVE ME AN ‘A’ !!!!    A
GIVE ME AN ‘I’ !!!!     I
GIVE ME AN ‘N’ !!!!    N

WHAT DOES THAT SPELL???  That spells one RELIEVED Wedding Coordinator who hopefully will have one happy, though possibly damp, wedding party!  Better damp from a few raindrops than from sweat dripping off their chins and elbows!  

At the Rehearsal last night, someone mentioned that rain on a wedding day was good luck, and I will certainly have to agree.  It all depends on perspective, does it not??  

The bible verse comes to mind, and forgive me…the Bible scholars among us for any misquoting here…”The prayer of a righteous man availeth much!”  You know that with my brain recalling ‘availeth,’ it is a throw back to my King James Version memory verses from early Sunday School Days!  While certainly not considering myself high on the list among the righteous, I am most thankful to the Lord above for any slack He gave on this request.

Of course, in my moment of desperation last night while I was intermingling blog typing and prayer, I did, by the P.S. at the end, promise away three offspring.  Now either God has something else miraculous in mind or I have got a serious problem on my hands to live up to my end of the bargain…

P.S.  It is still raining in Dallas….  🙂 

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