Barbie, I have something to tell you….

(Originally posted October 5, 2010)

The following is an excerpt from an email sent to my cousin Jeannie. Yes, it’s THAT Jeannie you met briefly in the post “A Box of Magic.” Jeannie achieved lifetime Preferred Cousin status when she dropped that fabled Black Patent Leather Box in the mail! I will get to see Jeannie while l am in Vermont this next week! WOOO HOOO!!!! If you haven’t read “A Box of Magic,” you may want to read that post first.

“….I can’t wait to see YOU! Although, I must temper my excitement here at home. You see, Barbie caught wind that we were coming to see you and she thinks that she is going too. I haven’t had the heart to break the news to her yet, watching her over there trying on her red cape with the ermine collar, searching in vain for her black leather knee boots, all in hopes of feeling that cool Autumnal air!

Perhaps if I tell Barbie that Malibu Ken will be returning with me, and he’s told me that he would love to go out for coffee once in Dallas. No…that wouldn’t work. That would just raise false hopes, as I’ve been keeping this news from Barbie: Ken really doesn’t want to go for coffee with Barbie when he gets back in town.

Word is officially out that Malibu Ken bats for the other team, and is actually meeting up with G.I. Joe, back in Dallas following that on again–off again tif with his commanding officers over ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.’ Empowered by Prop 8, Ken and Joe have thrown caution to the wind and Mattel into a tailspin. Word is that their contracts with Mattel hang in the balance over their line-in-the-sand demand to have their own version of the Barbie Dream House–a loft concept flat in the East Village. I’ll be sure and keep you posted as the drama unfolds…”

Occasionally I get a little carried away in my email responses…I’m sure that shocks many of you…

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