A Random String of Thoughts: Coconut Extract to Spiral Staircases

(Originally posted July 28, 2011)

Gleaned from my musings on Facebook from days gone by…

A random string of thoughts from my brain: Begins with Coconut extract and ends with a spiral staircase.

Never dreamed I would be pondering ANY of this as today began… Dan’s making Coconut-Lemon Bars to take to work on Wednesday, did we have Coconut Extract he asked? Once upon a time we did, so I rifled through the pantry, but alas no coconut extract. Dan replied, “Well, I’m sure it’ll be fine without it.” I responded with the cliched response, “Que sera, sera! Whatever will be will be!” Which immediately brought to mind the picture of Doris Day breezing down a spiral staircase for the opening of her TV show, her happy, melodious voice singing “Que, sera, sera!” Final part of the random string: I remember thinking every week during my own private Sing-Along with Doris’, “Que, sera, sera!”, how desperately I wanted to one day have my very own spiral staircase.

OMG! More random: I wonder if singing “Que, sera, sera” all those years with Doris is why I wanted to take French in high school??

Epilogue: The virtual ink on this Facebook post was still sopping wet, when a bossy college friend thought it her duty to call a possible error to my attention–wistful stroll down my personal lane of nostalgia brought to a screeching halt–“Que sera, sera” was NOT a song of French origin. I should have signed up for Spanish class instead… Hhhmmpff… I’ll just bet Miss Know-it-All has pent up frustration from living in a single level domicile with little need or desire for a spiral staircase…Bénissez son coeur!

Epilogue translation: Bénissez son coeur– Loosely translated from the FRENCH…Bless her heart!

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